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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 16, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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name. >> i would assume wax figures. but everything has changed over the last -- wax figure people. they says that not correct. wax likeness, maybe that's correct. speaking of waxy appearances. >> oh, that's funny. >> i'm kidding. here is tucker barnes with a look at the weather. and a couple of snow showers across the area this morning. and just hanging in there, i think we'll see a couple of peeks of sunshine. going to struggle into the mid 30s. snow showers moving through the washington area in the last couple of hours. the heaviest load was down toward fredericksberg where we have reports of snow on the surface. maybe an inch of snow, two inches in a couple places down there and traffic problems because of that. most of the area very light snow shower activity. and let me open up the picture for you and show you the satellite radar. this is again all part of the clipper system that came through yesterday. and now we have to deal with the upper level energy behind it. and we'll watch the winds start to increase around here.
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so look for wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour during the course of the day and as mentioned, going to be very blustery and cold and although not expecting any additional snow accumulation today. maybe a few flurries and that will be the worst of it. temperatures cold. 29 at reagan national. most of the area below freezing. winds out of the north and west at 8 miles per hour. pressure is down. 29.66 inches. and here is a quick look at the forecast. d winds 10-15, , a couple of gusting to 30. high temperature well below average, only 36 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast and more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures on five-day. that is coming up. tony and allison. our top story this morning, the busy commute. not only are the piles of snow slowing people up but also slowing folks up. accidents along 95 and 495. >> an over turned tractor- trailer slowed things up as crews worked to clean up the
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cargo. so are things getting better out there. let's check in with julie wright for the details. any good news? no. and keep in mind what we're looking at today is more like a rush hour from friday where a lot of folks had a two hour delay to get into work. so instead of things improving in the 9:00 hour, we're seeing them get more busy. sky fox is with us because the big story we're talking about, not only the tractor-trailer wreck still there on the outer loop to go north on i-95 on college park, but here along the clara barton parkway as you exit from the beltwa that merge area, as you can see the traffic on the top right side of the screen, there is hardly any merge area. they are having to pull out into on coming traffic. and we are limited on the transition or merge area. and we are still likely to lose a left or right lane and with the snowplows clearing a path for you. so this ipart of what we're finding around the area, is
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that traffic is still coming to a stand still, a gridlock if you will, because there is no merge area or transition lane traveling to and from the beltway to some of the major ertyer -- arteries. let me take you back inside. another spot where we don't necessarily have a delay but see -- there is a delay in the southbound direction at 108 at new hampshire avenue where typically we have two lanes of traffic. not the case this morning. simply dealing with one, maybe one and a half lanes and that's the focal point of our delays. 395 at this hour bumper-to- bumper from duke street across the 14th street bridge. at the end of the bridge is where the lane is more nair oh. the right side you lose because it is snow covered and that's contributing to the delay. along jones mills road at 410 the east west highway and again bumper-to-bumper traffic along 410. this is usually a trip i like to take from connecticut avenue toward 355 and in moments i've
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had callers tell me it's 35-45 minutes to travel between connecticut avenue on 355 and 410. and the lanes are narrowed down to one because of all of the snow and packed ice. so that's contributing to the delay. minimal lanes and merge areas and a commute that is now underway which would normally at this hour be wrapping up is now in full swing. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you very much, julie. besides traffic backups, keep an eye out for potholes like this. repairs mean detours for you. tonight crews will close two lanes of the inner loop at cameron run bridge in alexandria. patch up some big potholes there. that work begins at 8:00. you can expect long backups because of the closures. after several days of cabin fever followed by a three-day weekend, many children across the area are ready to head back to school. d.c. schools open on time it morning. this was the scene just about half an hour ago at wilson high in northwest where kids made it
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across clear lots and sidewalks surrounded by mountains of snow. other d.c. schools needed a hand getting ready for the bell to ring. >> sarah simmons joins us live from ballou high school where students had help digging out this morning. >> reporter: several volunteers have been out here all morning long to clear out the sidewalks. and if you look behind me, you can see they had quite a bit of success. students have been available to walk through here without too much of a problem this morning. and also a front-end loader was here and dug out north crosswalk as well. so they've had quite a bit of help in this area. if you take a look at some of the video. they've been out here if full force since 6:30 this morning. a couple of organizations that were volunteering to clean up and salt the sidewalks. but some areas were still completely impassable. and these volunteers were calling on property owners to step up. >> i think it's irresponsible for people who were able,
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because you know we have some seniors that were out here yesterday, helping seniors on fourth street shovel. but people who are able, it's your civic duty and responsible to clean your property and your apartment buildings and pathways where our children walk. >> reporter: now i talked with some of the students who said that they're walk to school wasn't too bad. they knew about the volunteers out here trying to help them get back to school. some were pretty happy about that, others would have liked to have stayed in probably another day away from school. back to you guys. >> no doubt. sarah, thank you so much. they are in school today. and fairfax county schools are open today. with a two hour delay and some schools are getting helps from parents to clear sidewalks. cardinal forest elementary in springfield sent out an e-mail yesterday and in all about 60 volunteers turned out to make the side side -- sidewalks ready for kids. and earlier bud walker with fairfax county police had an
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important tip for drivers. >> we've lost a lot of sidewalks so the children may be in the road, they may be around the snow bank that you can't see around and the children like me are short so you may not see them as easily as you might see someone else. >> another big issue. how will kids make up for all of the snow days. according to the county school website, it plans to use april 12th and a makeup day and the school year will be extended two days to june 24th. and alexandria city schools will remain closed for one more day. 21 miles of sidewalks have already been cleared but for now, the city is concerned that the walk itself is still too treacherous and side streets are too snow clogged for students to get by safely. crews plan to clear 30 more miles by the start of school tomorrow. in maryland, many school districts are closed again today but montgomery county schools are on a two-hour delay. the walkways y be clear but there are still piles of snow
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in the parking lot at burning tree elementary in bethesda. north bethesda middle school also cleared the sidewalks for students. if you are driving around any school today keep an eye out for kids who may be walking around the large mounds of snow. we want to know if you experience any trouble getting your children to school or if you witness kids or parents struggling in the snow. head to and look for a link on the home page to e-mail us. back to the district for a quick minute. the motains of snow ave made it nearly impossible for crews to pick up trash from allie around the district. if you live in the district, put your trash in dark colored bags if front -- in front of your house. but recycling is suspended until next week. roads and sidewalks aren't the only problems. nine apartments had to be evacuated in reston because of the roof of a breezeway in the building that was sagging. this is in the 2200 block of lovedale lane. the american red cross is on the scene helping residents
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there. we're following a major development in the war against terror. the taliban top -- the taliban top military commander has been captured and it may deal a major blow to insurgents in afghanistan. >> reporter: this is a one-two punch. first forces have mounted an offense in afghanistan and the c.i.a. has scored a major victory in pakistan. this is what has gotten all of the attention in recent days. u.s. forces mounting a page -- mounting a major assault targeting taliban strong holds. but the coup may have come in pakistan in car achy. a u.s. officially now confirmed that c.i.a. operatives and pakistani intelligence agents arrested
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mulla abduhl gany baraddor. >> we are focused on ensuring within this initial period that we don't sit back on our laurels and we get out there and start preventing them having an easy time to get back in to try to attack us. >> reporter: we don't know if the captured commander is giving us any intelligence but he could be a goldmine as u.s. and coalition forces press ahead. back in pakistan the news was met with skepticism in some circles and relief in others. and it shows a new level of cooperation between the u.s. and pakistan. >> it's good that criminals are arrested this man said. these crimes should stop no matter where in the world they take place. >> reporter: the taliban have proven to be a very adaptable force and it's likely that he'll just be replaced but facing the message that pakistan is no longer the safe harbor for the taliban it used to be. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> now even with safeguards to
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prevent against civilian deaths there have been accidents. five people were killed by an air strike east of the marjah offense. a day earlier 12 people were killed by two u.s. missiles that struck a house. local law enforcement uses kindness to lure in wanted criminals. how police used the day of love to nab the bad guys. and a major bombshell capitol hill. another major democrat is throwing in the towel. what impact evan buy's retirement could have on congress. with this package, you get fio internet, phone, and tv
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we've been talking about some of the talented folks trying to get back to work and school. here is a snapshot. this is in bethesda, wisconsin avenue at center drive. and you could see the cars trying to file into those two lanes, trying to get past the
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snow removal to the left of the screen, to the right of where they are. it's a slow down, a bit of a bottleneck as crews try to get the snow off of the ground. but again if you're traveling through the area, wisconsin avenue very heavily traveled in the bethea area, just know there are slowdowns and some backups because of the snow removal. tony, over to you. as we've told you, a startling announcement from evan buy. the gentleman from indiana says he's no longer in love with congress and won't seek re- election. >> after all of these years, my passion for service to our fellow citizens is undiminished. but my desire to do so by serving in congress has wained. for sometime i've had a growing conviction that congress is not operating as it should. there is much too much partisanship and not enough progress. >> the senator did not give any indications he plans to run for another public office. the democrat was elected to the
9:16 am
senate in 1998. so what does his announcement mean for congress or for the hill. white house reporter with cq politics adrian betel heim joins us now. it seems like we're used to having you come to talk about the departing congressman and senators. and he does mention the bipartisan politics and he was also facing a tough re-election campaign, correct? >> he would have had to work hard to get re-elected. he's pretty popular in his home state and he has been elected with more than 60% of the vote and he was facing a chlenge from republican dan coats who held the seat before him and indiana is a difficult state for democrats. it is definitely a swing state. and it's a tough year for incouple bents in general. so i think he would have had to work hard. >> but it is striking that he is added to the list of -- the list of politicians talking about the partisanship on
9:17 am
capitol hill and how difficult it is to get anything done. are we going to see more of this and are things really that bad? they seem to be. >> you hear this from the moderates, both democrats and republicans. they feel there is gridlock and constant sniping and in the case ofway and byron dorgan from north dakota, it's not the senate they came to. there is a big ripple affect and how this may face tough campaigns or don't like the atmosphere or have trouble raising money. and it's a brittle public opinion out there with the economy as sour as it is. it's a very tough time for in -- the incumbents to go back home and listen to the constituents. >> and we heard from a pl
9:18 am
that it is not just incumbents >> well candidate recruitment is a key. the democrats have five only seats and the republicans have six. and you might think some might be in line to step in. but you have to look outside and see how deep the bench may be. maybe you can get some successful business person from the private sector to come in. it's one of the years where it pay help well-funded outsiders to be a candidate rather than another washington creature. >> evan bayh says he doesn't love congress any more and there is too much partisanship. then michael steel, republican michael steel comes out and says democrats are running for the hills. when will these politicians here what the american people seem to be saying in poll after poll, when will they realize that they're part of the problem. their partisan politics are
9:19 am
jamming things up and maybe they say this is us and maybe we should get something done. >> i think it depends on what will happen in the election. if you have both parties losing a fair enough of seats and there is still gridlock, this may be perpetuated for knowledge cycle or two. when parties start to get clobbered like the republicans did in the last two cycles maybe they start rethinking things, though you wouldn't get it from steel's comments. but i think it's a tough climate here right now. they are facing a very ambitious agenda that the president has set and faced with tough votes. so to justify that they have to rely on tough rhetoric and break down the opposition. it's a tough sport and it doesn't play well, especially n are hurting out there. >> is there anything more than the president or the white house could do to kind of encourage more nonpartisanship? i mean there have been efforts to meet with republicans and all of that kind of thing. is there anything more that can
9:20 am
be done? >> you hear him urging much more bipartisanship, having this bipartisan health care summit this month and they are also stepping up their attacks on republicans. they have a new communication strategy that is more sharp edge and it's a mixed message they're sending. thank you for coming in. i imagine we'll see you again during the next couple of weeks. thank you very much sir. allison, back to you. a crowd gathered outside of a d.c. grocery store but they are not there waiting to buy groceries. why they were there to protest. and holly is getting a look into the future with very bright young minds. good morning. >> reporter: al hon, you caught mat an exciting moment. we're abouteady to announce the 5th finalist. they've been waiting to do it live on tv. our fifth finalist, minnesota, chippewa middle school. it is the future city competition, 2010. these young people have been working for almost a year to
9:21 am
come up with the city of future. we're going to talk with some bright minds live later. way to go, guys. i know you're in shock. good work. but first, a look at today's black history trivia question. on this date in 1970, joe frazier knocked out which of these fighters in the second round of their new york fight to become the world heavy weight boxing champion. was it tommy hearnes, the greatest mohammed ali. george forman or jimmy ellis. if you want to take a guess, head to our facebook page. we'll be back in a moment. don't go anywhere. 
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making headlines. more details about the college professor accused of gunning down her colleagues. amy bishop is charged with
9:25 am
killing three people and in injuring three others. her colleagues said she seemed normal when she practiced at a shooting rage not long before the rampage. [ chanting ] this crowd outside of the safe way in the northeast d.c. community of edgewood isn't there to stock up on milk and bread. they're protesting the safeway decision to shut down the store. protestors say closing the store will hurt the community and make it tough for people living this to get the groceries they need. a spokesperson says safe way did not make the decision lightly. they decided to close the store a few weeks ago because it is not making money. apparently you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. have you heard that statement before? well case in point, the anne arundel county sheriff's office arrested 15 people using candy grams and set up times on
9:26 am
sunday for gift it's be delivered. and hundreds of people forced to evacuate their homes in a small town. >> we have more amazing video of this landslide that sent people running into the streets. plus we go back to haiti for a look at the cleanup progress since last month's deadly break. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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here is what lots of snow and free time can lead to. call it a man cave on ice. this unemployed ohio man has been single-digitting his winter spending his winter building a igloo. >> and it is complete with a television and wired for cable wired for surround sound. owner jimmy gray says he has his buddies over a few times a
9:30 am
week to watch sports in the igloo in the front yard and the best part is the beer is always ice cold. >> well if he can do this, someone may hire him from seeing the photos and hearing about it. >> to make igloos for them? >> you could use the skills for something else. >> you should put a bed in there and make a ice hotel. >> writing on the wall though. >> i think that is the ohio state jerseys. >> and that is his art work. >> that's incredible. >> you can do around here if you wanted to. >> well a couple of people have done that. we had pictures on which is always on of the igloos they built. >> a good way to use his time in all of the snow. >> very impressive. couldn't build an igloo with the snow that fell today. >> use so good with the segways. >> you're right. because we only have a dusting or less than an inch in a
9:31 am
couple of locations and light snow showers in the forecast for today but you'll notice the wind is back. enough with the wind and enough with all of this. >> i'm kind of tired of it. >> hd radar, we'll show you the light snow showers continuing across the bay. up to the east near chestertown. north now and east of baltimore up towards bel air and havre de grace and another band developed to the west of the snow shower. and this shouldn't amount to much. this will be moving through during the course of the day and along with clouds and again i think the overnight accumulations we had, we had some light accumulation down in stafford county, about an inch or so. we're done with that for the day today. let's show you satellite radar and lots going on. fortunately not much in the way of snow in the washington area. our clipper system from yesterday has pushed off to the north and east, still bringing snow to places like new york and boston. and out to the west, we have lake effect snow kicking up as winds have shifted out of the
9:32 am
west and northwest. i know this looks active in the ohio valley. ost of it won't cross the mountains but will bring mountain snow. so in west virginia and maryland under winter snow warnings. here in washington just a lot of clouds for the day and the winds pushing 30 miles per hour during the course of the afternoon. so blustery conditions expected. so temperature 29 this hour. 25 in gaithersburg. 29 in quantico. warming up to 22 in fredericksberg. our afternoon high temperatures only in the middle 30s which is not where it should be this time of year. we should be in the mid-40s. so 10 degrees below where it should be. and wind gusts increasing. 19 in washington. 24 in baltimore. 18 in leonardtown. and look out because the gusts will be out of the west and north and west at 30 miles per hour during the course of the afternoon. so it won't feel like 36, it will feel like 20s throughout the day. a lot of clouds out there and a
9:33 am
couple of peeks of sunshine and a few flurries and winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour. five-day forecast gets better from here. cold tonight and tomorrow. a little more sunshine tomorrow. thursday, friday and saturday with afternoon high temperatures in the low 40s. with overnight lows in the 20s. and this is still below average. but last hour, this 42, that is the warmest temperature we've had the entire month of february. so maybe we'll warm up early next week. that will do it for the forecast. back to you. and we want to go to sky fox. we have a follow-up on that tractor-trailer that we've been telling you about earlier today. sky fox is again in college park this morning where crews are now moving that over turned tractor-trailer from earlier this morning. this had a big impact on morning rush hour. crews had to clean up a fuel
9:34 am
spill and a cargo there. but finally now it's being cleared out of the way. >> things will be better for the afternoon commute. >>hat's good news. we turn now to haiti. since the massive earthquake, the world has reached out to help the island nation. >> but on the treats of port-au- prince, the desperation is not showing signs of letting up. ainsley earhart reports. >> reporter: for haitians life is day-to-day. getting food to those in the devastated areas remains a monumental task and for some of those left with virtually nothing it's become increasingly frustrating. more than 200 haitians carried brooms as a protest to symbolize the government's lack of response to the disaster. hundreds of homes in the city that were spared from the earthquake remain empty, with more than 50 aftershocks, some more severe than others, people are afraid to go inside. instead they opt to stay on the streets which they believe are more safe and according to seismologists, the fear may be
9:35 am
warranted. >> the january 12th earthquake may have increased tension and possibly trigger an earthquake on the segments sooner rather than later. >> reporter: but among the ruins there remains hope. louise sorrel is catching the tragedy on canvass, offering the world a glimpse into the country heart ache. >> i will paint a picture of the earthquake. i think it's important. >> reporter: he began painting the devastation shortly after the earthquake. he photographed the debris and used those images to work. ainsley earhart, fox news. check this out. it's incredible video of a huge landslide in southern italy. about 200 residents of a village were forced to evacuate. you can see the earth just break apart and come cascading down the hillside. there were more than 100 smaller landslides in the region. officials suspect that they could all have been caused by
9:36 am
heavy rainfall in the area. there are to reports of any injuries or deaths. it is sure incredible to look at. it has been a good run for american athletes competing at the winter games in vancouver. >> we are leading in the medal count. so far the u.s. has won eight medals,two gold, two silver and four bronze. former cover boy body miller took home the bronze in u.s. men's downhill skiing. he came less than a second away from winning the gold. >> half a second separated gold silver and bronze. >> and germany is second with five medals and switzerland has three gold. and everybody agrees that a tropical vacation would make us happy but even though through all othe sw, d.c. is a happy place. we'll tell you about the results of a new happiness poll and how we compare to other
9:37 am
cities. and a look at love letters kennedy wrote that are hitting the auction block and the letters aren't to jackie. and another look at the black trivia question. on this date in 1970 joe frazier knocked out which of these fighters in the second round of their new york fight to become the world heavy weight champion. was it tommy hearne, mohammed ali, george e. for man or jimmy ellis. the answer is coming up. back in a moment. ftr moms know kids need calcium...
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music, beads, king cake and more. fresh off the superbowl win, new orleans is celebrating marti gras. today is fat tuesday which wraps up the 2010 carnival season. thousands have been coming out for parades. this is the scene over the weekend for one of the big parades.
9:41 am
the theme this year is abra cad abra. and marti gras doesn't get better than living here. and that is according to a new poll ranking d.c. as one of the happiest cities in the countries. >> when it comes to overall well being gallop is number eight. number one is boulder, colorado. beth parker hit the streets to find out why d.c. made the list. >> reporter: this is sully. this is his groomer sharon at happy paws in d.c. here are the things that make sully happy. >> love attention and food. >> reporter: it turns out the same is true for people. >> good food and good company. >> reporter: and when they say good food they mean. >> is cream. >> reporter: and yes we do growling, but ard coulding to a new study, d.c. is the 8th happiest place in america. >> i think top 15.
9:42 am
>> i would say top five or four. >> why not first. >> reporter: that's the spirit. we spotted her smile from way down the street. >> i've been through tragic, so then you try to be happy. >> you live here? >> i lived here but now i live in l.a. but i'm trying to move back. >> really? is l.a. making you unhappy? >> i like d.c. better than l.a. >> reporter: that building back behind me is the u.s. mint where they make money. you've heard the old saying about money not buying happiness. but according to this new research, apparently money does buy at least a little bit of happiness. parts of the country with the worst economies seem to fare worse in the study which brings us back to dogsp they don't need jobing they just nap. julie boyd's dog today is digging out her car. >> i have a long way to go, i think. >> reporter: but even atop a mountain of dirty snow she is really happy to hear that d.c. has scored so high. >> that's pretty fantastic. >> reporter: her true happiness
9:43 am
may come later. >> maybe in the spring. who knows. >> report: spring? why not summer? back at happy paws sharon said there is one thing that would make d.c. better. >> would it make you happier if there were a beach here? >> yes. >> then everybody could shed the frowns and just be happy. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and it does seem every day, if you are walking down street, i see people that are happy. they are smiling and laughing. which is very nice. >> we are still sort of a southern city. >> in some regards. >> i'm not surprised at all. well have you ever wanted to maybe chat it up with a former president? perhaps jfk or have your pictures done with gerald ford? well you might have the opportunity to do that too. at least with theirlikenesses. gurvir is up next with the details. and we look at the future through the eyes today's youth.
9:44 am
holly will tell us about that. we'll be back in a moment. ♪
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there's the other stuff. ♪ and then there's kraft macaroni & cheese. ♪ kraft has more cheese than those other guys. no wonder they call it the cheesiest!
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a moment ago we were talking about happy people in the washington area and nice people. that man right there is louis. sky fox is flying over his yard because in the snow, he created -- i don't foe how big it is -- but a giant park. i think he used food coloring. yeah, cherry flavored drink mix. look at that. it's a giant heart. there is one in the front and in the back. that is what he made for his rival rosanna who is the love of his life and has been for the past 33 years. how about that? >> that is sweet. >> very well done. and he made it for valentine's day over the weekend. very nice. >> oh, ain't love grand. >> happy valentine's day to both of you. speaking of remans.
9:48 am
a look into the private life of president kennedy. and jfk apparently wrote 11 love letter and three telegrams to a swedish woman over a two- year period. he was a senator at the time. he was engaged to the future first lady. the auction house says gan illa first mentioned them in her memoir but were never seen in public. they are expected to sell for more than $100,000. and soon you can interact with all 44 presidents at madame tussauds in d.c. >> they are featuring a gallery of life size wax figures from presidents of george washington up through barack obama. gurvir is at madame tussauds getting a sneak peek this morning. >> reporter: since this museum opened 2 and a half years ago right here, the president and the first ladies have been some of the most popular figures of all of the 100 figures that are here.
9:49 am
for example, you have jfk and the very elegant jacqueline kennedy. also joining us today is jeannine, she's the general manager of the museum. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for visiting us. >> reporter: and why do you think the president and first ladies are popular? >> surprisingly the presidents are not the most popular. but here in washington, d.c., i think as political as we are, as educational as it is, we had hundreds of requests to add more presidents. >> reporter: for example, you have hear. >> bill and hillary clinton. and our favorite two figures here anin new york. >> reporter: and the current president. >> yes. we only added barack obama about a year ago. and michelle is new this year. she's only been here a few months. fantastic figure. we're quite pleased and the president's children were here to see the figures as well and loved them, which was
9:50 am
wonderful. >> reporter: and you know what is fascinating to me, they look incredibly real. tell me about what it takes to get them to this point. >> sure. absolutely. all of the figures are made of wax. the head and hands are made of a combination of japanese and bees wax. all of the hairs are inserted one by one and it takes four weeks to insert one human head. it's real human hair. we purchase it from beauty supply stores. eyes take about a month to make. team, we -- teeth, we take dental mold and it takes 3-6 months and it's very intricatal and detailed. we're adding 9 presidents today and add an additional 19 by the end of the year. so 44 presidents by the end of the year. >> reporter: these are the nine newest. >> these are the proud edition. >> reporter: tell me how you
9:51 am
chose who would make the cut this time around. >> funny enough. truthfully enough the studios that make the figures made the first nine to get research material on. it takes months to come up with photograph and video available for the figures. and because they are so historical it was difficult to come up with. >> reporter: some of the newer presidents you have -- you can go and have them do sit-ins but some of the older figures it takes a lot of work to make them look as real as they do. >> that is absolutely correct. and finding that historical evidence, that historical research was very difficult. >> reporter: they look great and there is also going to be information about each president and the first ladies here too. >> there will. we're quite proud. please come and visit. >> reporter: thank you so much. i'm going to actually head over and visit with george clooney who is in one of the other rooms if that's okay. but all of the information about how to check this -- these figures out for yourself is available on this particular section of this
9:52 am
exhibit, this presidential gallery opens in the fall. thank you jeannine. >> i hope she says hi to will smith. >> and j lo. >> is there one? >> i don't think so. there is a beyonce. >> say hi to her. the 18th annual future city competition is going on today. >> and holly is meeting students who will design the future cities. it looks like it is going on well. >> reporter: it is. and the five finalists have been announced and the first team actually just presented, just came off the stage and are gearing up for the second time but we grabbed them as soon as they came off the stage. this is the team from michigan. how was it up there? >> it was nerve wracking but i think we did well. we answered the questions to the best of our abilities. >> reporter: and so why do you think your team was chosen as one of the finalists? >> i think that we just did a really go job and we have one
9:53 am
of the best essays which played a big part. >> reporter: that's just filler music while they change out cities. and you built your city and you got outfits and everything. >> yes we do. silver and michael jackson. >> reporter: it's fashionable. >> i would have to say that we really folks on the topics that they asked us. what would you do if this happened. all we have to do is look at haiti and look at it like what would you do. >> reporter: you didn't have to look very far to see real life examples. we wish you the best of luck. i know it will be a nerve- racking afternoon. and 39 finalists from across the natn have all worked hard. and i want to introduce the
9:54 am
team of new england. >> our city is in 2050 in greenland and we used recyclable materials and it's very affordable. >> reporter: affordable, efficient and green. and one of the things people need to understand, you can't spend a lot of money on the materials. >> we have $100 to spend. >> reporter: so this is about using your find and being creative. and what do you think the stand out feature of your city is. >> well all of the city was built on -- through principles laid out by two engineers working right now today in 2010, michael wrong ert and willie mcdonough. >> reporter: so it's not totally unattainable. it's part today and tomorrow. >> we can see it built in our lifetime. >> reporter: and now each team not only has students but a teacher that works with it. so for you to give of your time, not only teaching your class but volunteering to be a part of this. what does it mean to you? >> it's a hon your and
9:55 am
pleasure. students are fantastic and work hard and they're easy to work with because they're so talented. >> reporter: what did you do in terms of guidance. >> i'm the good cop and my friend is the bad cop and i set goals and timetables and schedules and try to keep everybody on task and make sure every student is working affectively and having a good time and learning. >> reporter: and each team has a mentor. and so tell me, first of all, what do you do in your real job. >> i'm a structural engineer. >> and why did you decide to give of your time for something like this? >> well it's a pretty special thing because my business is in our home town and my kids went through the school system too and so it's great to work with them and expose them to the different challenges that engineering has. >> reporter: you're not fooling me, your recruiting. >> absolutely. i have to expand. >> reporter: good job, guys. enjoy your time here. i have one more team to get in. where are you from? >> oak -- omaha nebraska.
9:56 am
>> reporter: and a great model. tell me the highlights of your city. >> well they did ce this year. so they have a planet that has -- >> reporter: why don't i ask the kids. >> our city is a two level city and it has superconductors in between the two layers that help make each level face up in opposite directions. >> reporter: and what is your favorite thing about being a part of this. >> how the kids form the relationships and bond together and form the relationships. >> reporter: is our website. and i've asked all of them about the favorite thing about being in the d.c., did they like the museum and every one of them said the snow. back to you. >> excellent. thank you, holly. great kids there. we'll be back in a moment with the answer to today's trivia question. it's monday,
9:57 am
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